One of the key elements for companies to perform well and succeed in the market is the efficient usage of the employees’ working hours where it matters, assertively and aided by the right resources. 

For this to happen, it is necessary not to dedicate efforts to processes or problems that can be solved in a simple way and, in many cases, by third parties. In this context, AMS (Application Management Services) is one of the most interesting options for improving the SAP Customer Support service.

Currently, smart companies assemble the entire operation, from sales to human resources, in an integrated system. The goal of AMS SAP is to provide fluidity to this operation, so that no area of the business is harmed by possible inconveniences. It saves time and, consequently, resources. 

To exemplify: companies that already have an IT team, as they hire the AMS service, they also ensure that the company's technology team can dedicate efforts and working hours only to more strategic and urgent matters, while customer support is provided by the outsourced service team.

Choosing a company for this type of service can guarantee a better workflow in all areas and, in addition, be the differential to reach another level of competitiveness in the market.

Numen's AMS service

Numen understands the importance of this service for a business, and that's why this feature is one of the flagships here at the company. Currently, we have more than 17 companies that have AMS in their systems, with the service being performed by Numen professionals.

With contracts ranging from one to three years, we assist clients in Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, in addition to Brazil itself. Our team is extremely qualified and instructed to make the customer's experience as effortless as possible, always with transparency and empathy when solving problems.

Are you interested and want to know more about how this service can take your company to the next level? Contact us!