Optimize your S&OP processes

Portfolio update

Agreement for the phase in and phase out of products considered in your company’s planning.

Planning on Demand

Setting an unrestricted demand plan based on statistical models and on collective action of the sales and operational departments.

Operation Preparation

Formulation of scenarios according to analyses of capacity, resources and inventories.

Plan Assessment

Financial assessment of planning scenarios based on revenue projections and associated costs.

S&OP Meeting

Comparative analysis of elaborated scenarios and trade-offs related to conflict resolution and decision making.

S&OP Communication Plan

Communication, deployment and supervision of a plan defined at the S&OP executive meeting.

Advantages of a good S&OP for your business

An efficient S&OP process allows for the elaboration of integrated plans which considers a realistic scenario of the various areas involved in the business chain, which enables the company’s executives to make better decisions.

Through data integration and well-structured planning, it is possible to reduce deadlines, goats and inventory levels, providing a better service to customers.





How can we help?

Whatever your S&OP maturity level in your company is, Numen can contribute in building developmental journey in search of better results:


We act on implementing and reassessing the planning of your company, ensuring that S&OP functions adequately.


We provide assistance with choosing and implementing the most adequate technology for your business, taking into consideration the maturity level as well as the goals of your company.


We provide training to all involved collaborators so that the process can flow in the best way possible.

Technological maturity level in S&OP

Basic Level

Use of sheets, such as Microsoft Excel, to perform S&OP in the company.

Intermediate Level

Use of platforms such as SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), which merges BI (Business Intelligence), analytical functions, scenario simulation and cloud storage.

Advanced Level

Utilization of systems such as SAP IBP, which merges S&OP with advanced predictive models and optimization models.


Developing S&OP so that it specifically meets the needs of your business

The ideal solution for companies in the intermediate maturity level

What is SAC?

SAP Analytics Cloud is a Business Intelligence and data visualization tool by SAP.

How does S&OP works in SAC?

This solution projects demands and simulates different scenarios of production, considering the main restrictions of your business’s supply chain. By using planning resources on the cloud, it provides means to elaborate a collaborative planning that emcompasses distinct business units and different sales channels.

S&OP in SAC allows us to evaluate your business supply chain, through intuitive dashboards, broadening both short and long-term vision for your business.

Benefits of S&OP in SAC

Aligning the whole company around a single goal

Integrate sales and operations departments on existing trade-offs

More realistic result projections, which ensures more assertiveness to achieve them

Streamline planning by integrating data from different areas

Employ an automated process which reduces mistakes and ensures assertive collaboration within the version, as well as up-to-date data

Employ dashboards that allow for the visualization of plans and financial projections

How can we go through this transition together?

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