"There is always a way to make something better, find it."


At Numen we have a unique approach to support our customers with problem diagnosis. Once we identify the impediments of a healthy business flow, we can then aid you in designing solutions that have a positive impact on your company.

“beBold Numen” is our Advisory service

We create value to our clients through efficient approaches and innovative solutions


We have developed a unique methodology that adapts itself to the good practices in the industry as well as to the client’s business.


Our singular approach efficiently identifies opportunities and/or flaws in processes.


We generate measurable positive results to our clients, meeting technical requirements and the needs of the business.

Proposals for Value





Process Diagnosis

Together with each business, we build a roadmap which prioritizes solutions and adds value to it

Root Cause Analysis

We employ the best practices, such as BPM and PROCESS MINING, to understand current processes and identify problems.

Opportunity Mapping

From this diagnosis we can identify opportunities to increase operational efficiency in your company.

Technology Applications

Our experienced team of architects proposes the best technology to make processes more reliable and effective.

Business Analysis

Strategic Analysis

We observe the operation as well as the market indicators in order to find ideas that create value for your company.

Requirements Analysis

We specify, document, model and define the design of all requirements in a palpable service delivery, all according to the client’s needs.

Solution Evaluation

We analyze whether the solution meets the requirements.

Eliciting and Collaboration

We work together with stakeholders to develop the requirements and understand the needs that need to be met.

Requirements Life Cycle

We support and manage the validation of requirements throughout the analysis process.

Planning and Monitoring

We assess the process from the ground up, helping from conception to project delivery.

Value Discovery

We provide a macro plan for the implementation of the project


We create and define a map of opportunities to define the most likely problems to be addressed.


By using capable tools to identify the main potential solutions to the problems, converging into the search of solutions.


We run tests on proposals which are already aligned with the project’s goal, and by doing so we can demonstrate the final use of the solution so as to collect as much feedback as possible.

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Technology Roadmap

We chart a technological course to leverage the business strategies, generate more value and ensure the alignment of the many departments within the company.


Every company has processes that make it unique thus identifying such processes is essential to enhance its development.


We challenge our clients to find out what these processes are, we learn how they operate (maturity level) and what are the existing challenges.


From this data we can build along clients a technology roadmap capable of leveraging their businesses.

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