What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the acronym “IT”? Technical problems of electronic devices? Software specialists? The fixing of bugs in computer programs? Creating login users and passwords? Internet? These may be among some of the public's perceptions, but the IT field is huge. IT has potential and is a protagonist by being present in all stages of the business. 

It is through it that companies stand out with innovations and reach global scales and market differentials. The reality is that companies, small or large, traditional or disruptive, need to think about technology if they want to be competitive. With it, companies continued to operate, even after a long period of social isolation, from the culture alignment with the employees to the delivery of value, communication with customers and implementation of efficient processes.

Anyone who thinks that technology is present only in traditional or intelligent companies is wrong. The British band Coldplay is an example of how, regardless of the niche, it is necessary to look at this area with care. In October, the band announced a partnership with the German company SAP — which Numen is a certified partner of.

The partnership between the multinational and the alternative rock group was born from the intention of announcing a world tour focused on sustainability and reduction of environmental impact from the band's concerts. SAP's role in this unusual collaboration was to create a free app for the band's fans. 

The person who wanted to go to the concert would use the platform to find the best low-carbon alternative to travel to and from the venue. Fans who committed to the app would earn a discount code for their ticket purchase. The app would also serve as one of the bases for calculating carbon in that particular location eventually — and would indicate how the group would compensate for the CO2 emission related to that event. 

The partnership between Coldplay and SAP is just one of the million practical examples of how technology is an ally of institutions. IT is in your daily life, and you can transform your reality and business, regardless of its line of business or size. 

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